Ironcast Workshops

3-Hour Metal Taster (Aluminum)

About The Workshop

This Metal Taster is great way to explore the metal casting process and get your feet wet. Take a class with a friend; create a special gift or unique piece of art. Have an itch to just try something new without too much commitment. This class is for you! At the conclusion of each workshop every participant will leave with his or her own unique idea professionally cast in solid aluminum!


Cost: $100.00
Length: 3 Hour evening workshop
Time: 4-7pm
6.22.17 (cancelled)

8.31.17 (Cancelled)
9.9.17 (During Steeltown Shakedown)

Age: 12 and Up

Foundry I

About The Workshop

Explore the basics of foundry work in this three day workshop with an overview of the iron casting process step by step. This class introduces foundry processes, including pattern making, sand mold making and iron casting. Participants in the August workshop will learn to cast their work during the Festival of Combustion as an official member of the casting team!  The course results in several unique objects of your design cast in iron.


Cost: $250.00
Length: 3 Day Workshop 
4-7pm (10-1p if on Saturday)
7.26 – 7.28.17 (Pour 7.29.17)
8.30 – 9.1.17
(Pour at Fest. of Combustion! 9.2)

10.12 – 10.14.17 (Pour 10.14.17)
Age: 12 and Up

Weeklong Iron Intensives

About The Workshop

Rivers of Steel Arts (Rosa) is seeking participants for a week long iron-casting workshop at the Carrie Furnaces National Historic Landmark. This workshop is perfect for iron enthusiasts looking for extended working time on site or those with limited prior experience looking to hone their existing skills.  All experience levels are welcome and encouraged to participate!

The workshop features extended shop time on site and in-depth instruction and/or assistance catered to the needs of each individual.  Participants will have the chance to learn and experiment with multiple pattern-making materials and create complex multi-part sand molds.  Registration includes access to the Carrie Furnaces foundry daily between 8pm – 8pm and the ultimate experience of participating in an iron pour from a coke fired cupola—just like the historic furnaces on site!  The workshop fee includes up to 150 lbs of iron and will cover waste removal and foundry consumables.


Cost: $400.00
Length: Mon – Sat
Time: 8a – 8p daily
7.24 – 7.29.17 (Pour 7.29.17)
8.28.17 – 9.2.17 (Pour during Festival of Combustion!)
10.9.17 – 10.14.17 (pour 10.14.17)
Age: 18 and Up

Rivers of Steel Arts would like to thank the following material sponsors for supporting Metal Arts programming.



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