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Corporate Workshops

Explore Pittsburgh’s rich legacy of metal casting through group workshops in Aluminum or Cast Iron!  Or sign up for an Urban Art experience at the Carrie Furnaces where your group will learn to create unique and colorful aerosol art!  Participants can work together on a single project or work as a group on individual projects.   RoSA offers opportunities for groups of all sizes!

Contact for info and pricing

A TASTE OF METAL  |  Aluminum Casting
Join RoSA for an afternoon of aluminum casting at the Carrie Furnaces National Historic Landmark!  Participants can create their own unique pattern from scratch and learn how to make an open faced sand mold.  Then take turns pouring molten aluminum into your own molds.  No prior experience is needed!

HEAVY METAL  |  Iron Casting
Get the ultimate Pittsburgh experience and learn how to safely cast molten iron at the Carrie Furnaces National Historic Landmark where 1250 tons of iron was cast daily.  Join your colleagues for a group project or work individually on unique designs.  Then suit up in leathers and help our professional casting team fire up the furnaces to melt some Iron!   No prior experience needed!

ULTIMATE CUSTOM CARBON  |  Build Your Own Experience
Looking for something special?  Tell us what you have in mind and lets make it happen!

Team building workshop with Duolingo

“I enjoyed every single part of the workshop SO MUCH! This was my first visit to the Carrie Furnaces (but I lived close to the Völklingen Ironworks in Germany, which are very very similar) and I loved learning more about the history of the place and how Pittsburgh as a city was shaped by the steel industry. The workshop itself was super interesting – I had seen pictures before but I didn’t realize how many different props and materials we’d be able to work with. My favorite part was wandering about to see what everybody came up with and then sharing the excitement when our models came to life. I love team building activities where we actually get to build something as a team :D”

Elise Walton – Duolingo

Tours and Events

Private Group Tours

Tour the Carrie Furnaces to learn about the exciting arts and heritage programs now animating the historic site! Explore the colorful collection of urban art murals or walk the Iron Garden with our experienced ecological guides.  Each tour offers unique historical and contemporary perspective and reflects the variety of cultural activities on site at any given moment.  Visitors can explore the newly installed Carrie Camera obscura or walk the site with a former worker to hear personal experiences and in depth knowledge of the site’s function.

Guided Historical Tours 1.5 hours $19/person (advance) $25 (door)

Urban Art Tours & Workshops 3 hours $40/person

Iron Garden Tours $19/person

To book a private group tour contact Stacy Drane or call 412-464-4020 ext. 32 for information.


Iron Garden Parties

Book your next outdoor event or party in RoSA’s awesome Iron Garden!  Flanked by the massive industrial facade of the Carrie Furnaces, the Iron Garden is an intimate and charming green space celebrating the variety of natural growth returning to the former mill.  Garden parties are customizable experiences and could include tours of the furnace grounds, eco-arts programming, industrial arts demonstrations and more!

To book a garden party or special event contact Stacy Drane or call 412-464-4020 ext. 32 for information.

Please note that the Carrie Furnaces are part of a former industrial site. Participants should dress appropriately for the weather as most of the tour is outdoors. Heels and/or open-toed shoes are not permitted. At this time the site is not wheelchair accessible.


The entrance to Carrie Furnaces is located at Carrie Furnace Boulevard, Rankin, PA 15104. Please note that this is a new road and may not be recognized by your GPS or online mapping programs; it normally works on Google Maps however.  

Click here for turn by turn directions from Homestead/Duquesne and Edgewood/Swissvale.

If the ROAD CLOSED signs on Carrie Furnace Boulevard are up, please go around them and follow the road through the open gates to the parking lot.

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