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In 1978 the Carrie Furnaces quieted forever but the site remained alive, just beneath the surface. Artists and urban explorers have animated the Carrie Furnaces since the moment of its closure. To date the site has amassed a large collection of urban artworks created by some of the east coast’s most talented street artists. RoSA’s Urban Arts program continues this legacy by opening the site to graffiti artists and the general public through legal paint areas, tours of the urban art and educational workshops.

Urban Arts Workshops

Graffiti Workshops

Every year RoSA offers Urban Art Tours & Graffiti Workshops that have inspired people of all ages ranging from elementary school kids to adults 65+. Through hands-on activities these workshops create a positive discussion with community members to promote greater understand and appreciation for aerosol art.

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Graffiti Workshop In Session

Graffiti and Style-writing Workshops

Join Rivers of Steel Arts for this unique workshop in aerosol painting at the Carrie Furnaces!

Participants will get hands-on experience with style-writing, letter design and painting techniques while learning about the underground culture of graffiti, its history and how it continues to evolve as an art form.

Taking place on Friday evenings from 5:00 – 8:00 pm, these workshops are led by experienced urban artist Shane Pilster of 82 Concepts. Each guest has the chance to view Rivers of Steel’s unique collection of graffiti murals created by artists from around the world and design their own canvas to take home as a workshop memento.

The tours will walk you through the entire site, highlighting works while encouraging open discussion about graffiti as a whole. The workshops give our guests a hands-on experience with design, letter form, specific techniques, and painting with aerosol.

Great for students grades 4 and up! Please contact Stacy Drane or call 412-464-4020 ext. 32 to book this tour for your students.

Urban Art Tours are offered May through October.

Allow 3 hours.  Recommended for ages 8+

For GPS or online directions to the Carrie Furnaces use:
115 W. Braddock Avenue, Braddock, PA
(This will get you close enough to the site to follow directional signs.)

Event Info

Cost: $30.00
Length: 3 Hour Tour & Workshop

Age: 12 and Up

Urban Arts Workshops

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