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Inspired by the legacy of iron-making on the Carrie Furnaces site, Rivers of Steel’s Metal Arts program highlights the materials and process involved in creating molten iron. Artists, craftsman and apprentices work as a team, creating pieces that reflect form and function. Whether the result is sculptural or industrial, each metal pour reflects the work that took place at Carrie Furnaces and enables visitors to enjoy an authentic, site-based experience.
Educational workshops offer hands-on opportunities for folks to get involved at the novice, intermediate and experienced skill levels.
Team-building exercises recreate the camaraderie felt between fellow workers on the job.
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Ironcast Workshops

3-Hour Metal Taster (Sand Casting)

This Metal Taster is great way to explore the metal casting process and get your feet wet.

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Foundry I

Explore the basics of foundry work with an overview of the metal casting process step by step.

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3-Hour Metal Taster (Sand Casting)

Aluminum Casting Session

This workshop is great way to explore the metal casting process and get your feet wet. Take a class with a friend; create a special gift or unique piece of art. Have an itch to just try something new without too much commitment. This class is for you! At the conclusion of each workshop every participant will leave with his or her own unique idea professionally cast in solid aluminum!

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Cost: $75.00
Length: 3 Hour evening workshop
Time: 4-7p

Ironcast Workshops

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